The world of books is a magical world.
I read a lot and I am never without a book.
When I was a little girl, we used to live across the street from the library,
so when I did'nt come home for supper, my mom always knew where to look!

Then it was Kitty Drew and her likes, now it's thrilling detective stories,
grand adventures and historical novels!

A few of my favourite books are

The Twilight Saga
Harry Potter
The Icepeople Saga
The Brethren trilogy
Pride and prejudice
Jane Eyre

and some authors

Stephenie Meyer
JK Rowling
Elizabeth George
Diana Gabaldon
Jane Austen

I'm also incredibly fascinated by archeology, particularly the Antique, templars and mummies,
so i have quite a few books about that too.


I have to have music in my ears constantly!
Anything goes, really, but sometimes you want to hear that special song
or listen to your favorite band or artist.
These are some of mine:

Bon Jovi


When people ask me which my favourite movie is
I usually say that I don't have one.
There are so many of them that you like,
and they all give you different experiences than another one does.
Some of the ones that stuck with me through the years are:

Streets of Fire
Disneys Aladdin
The Godfather trilogy
Breakfast Club