I am a single mom of two kids.
I love being with my family and my (few, but close) friends.
I read, play computer games, watch movies, play videogames,
do the dishes, drink too much coffee, relax in the sun,
check my email, complain about the weather,
sing when I vacuum ('cause that way only I can hear it)
spend way to much money, work, play in Paint Shop Pro,
crank the volume up on the stereo, take the train too seldom,
chat on MSN, do my laundry.

I can't stand when the kids fight, pick up after the same kids, cook for them,
help them with their homework, cuddle with them, hug them,
get extremely annoyed with them, love them more than anything else!

I dream, I cry, I sigh, I weap, I love, I miss, I long for, I adore

I can talk for hours on the phone and I love soccer!

I believe in the afterlife.
I also believe in reincarnation and that there is a meaning
behind the things that happens to us.I believe that we are here to learn and
to gain experiences for our coming lives and that the people who are close to us
in this one are there for a reason and that we have all met before.

~ A to Z ~

 [animallover] [ambitious] [aunt] [adorable]
 [bookworm] [bright] [brilliant]
 [charming] [comfortable] [computeraddict] [cuddly]
 [divine] [daughter] [darling]
 [female] [feminist] [fantastic] [fine]
 [generous] [genius] [good]
[honest] [helpful] [humorous] [huggable]
 [intelligent] [impulsiv] [irressistible]
 [lazy] [loving]
 [mother] [mummyfreak] [magnifiscent]
[nurse] [naiv] [natural] [nervous] [neccessary]
[original] [organized]
 [positiv] [personal]
[perfectionist] [punctual] [passionate]
 [queen of my domain]
 [responsible] [romantic]
[seventy's child] [sweet] [sister] [serious] [smart] [skilled]
 [thoughtful] [tough] [tulipfreak]
 [wacky] [wondering]
 [xtremly ticklish]
 [Yeah] [young]